Dedicated to the memory of Nige

Nigel was first diagnosed with kidney cancer in March 2008, he subsequently had his right kidney removed and took part in a drug trial. He was cancer free but not treatment side affect free for two years until July 2010 when he was advised the cancer had returned in both lungs. After two further drug treatments he was referred to Christies hospital Manchester in July 2011 and endured the traumatic affects of interleukin2 treatment until January 2012 when he was given the all clear and had at last a period of happiness without cancer or side affects. His beautiful daughter was born in February 2013
In May 2014 he was given the news again of its return in his left lung, more interleukin2 treatment unfortunately didn't have the same desired effect and in June 2015 he started a new drug treatment. Again, unfortunately this treatment didn't give us the happy ending we were hoping for and he passed away on 4th February 2016.
Throughout the whole period of his fight against cancer he was the most amazingly strong willed and determined man, never allowing any negativity to enter his mind, he is such an inspiration and we love & miss him so much.


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